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Book Review: The Burnout by Sophie Kinsella

by Bookworm Liz
Book cover of The Burnout by Sophie Kinsella: an illustration of a brunette woman hiding under the covers in bed

Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

The Plot Thickens…

Sasha is tired.

Really tired.

So tired that she would rather entertain the idea of impulsively running away from her life than sit down for another mind-numbing evening of answering work emails from the couch as she drains a bottle of wine & eats takeout food.

Sasha’s been operating in burnout mode for a while, but after a particularly conspicuous meltdown during work hours, she’s put on a wellness leave.

What better time, then, to reconnect with childhood memories? Sasha makes plans to visit the seaside town that she and her family frequented when she was a kid. She finds herself in a – once fancy, now disheveled – seaside hotel during the town’s off-season.

During this leave, she’s committed to turning her entire life around! (Cue self-help books and plans to do yoga on the beach while drinking kale smoothies.)

The only trouble? There’s another guest, Finn, who is as burned out as he is annoying. The two can’t seem to stop running into each other, though, and a series of coincidental meetings lead to an eventual friendship (or … maybe more?) that helps them recover from their burnout.

My Thoughts…

Sophie Kinsella is an absolute delight. The Burnout – filled with a super relatable character and hilarious moments – is my idea of a perfect romantic comedy.

There are so many true LOL IRL moments that I lost track, as the main character finds herself in precarious situations. These funny moments offer a great contrast to what otherwise might be a very serious topic (burnout).

To start with our main character, Sasha, what I appreciated most about her is her relatability. I think we’ve all had those moments where life feels like it’s gone bottom up and we wish we could run away or reinvent ourselves completely. To see that reflected was so endearing.

The romance between Sasha and Finn? Heartwarming, sweet, and likely to make you cry happy tears by the end. I loved that both characters found each other at a moment in life where they were both at their wits end. By returning to their childhood vacation spot, they heal and grow together from the strains of working life.

GOSH! Not to mention the entire cast of characters is a delight. There are so many scenes with supporting characters that either had me tearing up with sentimental feels, or tearing up from laughing so hard.

Can’t say enough great things about The Burnout. Indeed, you could say it’s a fantastical, feel-good escape from the pressures of your own 9-5. Bottom line, if you love romantic comedies, you need to read this. ESPECIALLY if you’ve ever experienced burnout yourself!

Thank you, NetGalley and the publisher, for providing an ARC in exchange for my honest review.

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